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Coral Springs Swim Club
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"Our swim club, aims to always be rated among the top five USA competitive swim clubs in the development of swimming stroke technique for age group swimmers and Olympians alike. And, we aim to have fun doing it. Or, what's the point?" - Michael Lohberg about CSSC
6 Time Olympic Swim Coach Michael Lohberg, leader of CSSC's National Swimming Team

2005 Short Course Florida Gold Coast
Junior Olympic Champions

2006 Short Course
Florida Gold Coast SPEEDO©
Junior Olympic Champions


2005 Long Course Florida Gold Coast
Junior Olympic Champions


Olympic Medalist, Anne Poleska
Anne Poleska
2005 World Championship Silver Medallist
2004 FGC Female Swimmer of the Year
2004 Olympic Games Bronze Medallist


Olympian Vlad Polyakov champion of CSSC's  swimming teams since 2000.
Vlad Polyakov
2005 World University Games Silver Medallist
2005 ESPN Academic Al-American
2005 NCAA Champion
2001-2004 FGC
Male Swimmer of the Year
2004 Olympic Games Double Finalist

Welcome, one and all!

CSSC is a highly successful swimming program. This Florida Swim Club is a member of a fast and competitive USA Swimming LSC, the Florida Gold Coast. South Florida is home to a tradition of competitive swimming teams going back the 1930's and embodied in nearby Fort Lauderdale at the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF).

South Florida swim clubs have produced fine swimmers, eight year olds to Olympians, for more than sixty years and the simpsons season 1 torrent Coral Springs Swim Club exemplifies this tradition. Our coaches stress sound stroke technique and positive mental preparation from the earliest ages. Led by Head Coach Michael Lohberg, a six-time Olympic Swimming Coach and an internationally renowned expert on the use of lactate testing to improve athletic performance, the coaching staff employs sound and ethical science to maximize the benefits of training. No less importantly, our swim families are committed to making swimming and competition as a member of CSSC, one of Florida's premier swim clubs, fulfilling and fun for all.

Look around the web site. See what our coaches have to say. Check out the Coral Springs Aquatics Complex training faculties. Look over our record of success and then stop by the pool during practice and see who's having fun. We believe our program from Age Group Swimming Team to the National Swim Team, from our Swim America graduates to our International Swimming and Olympic Swimming competitors is second to none.

Whether you favor breaststroke, butterfly, backstroke freestyle, whether you are a novice or an Olympian, look inside and see why CSSC might just be the right swim club for you and your swimming family if you want to train and compete in south Florida.

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"We want CSSC swimmers to want to swim: when they are kids, when they are teenagers, when they're young people in college or just starting out and when they are out in the world with families of their own. And, we want them to enjoy swimming their best. If that means they love to compete on CSSC swim teams, that's great. But, even when some of our kids decide they would rather put their time into something else, we want them to look back on the CSSC swim team fondly. In the end, we want what they learn here in the pool to help them enjoy success in whatever they choose to do. Coaching is always about the swimmers you have today and how you can help them improve in the future; but, I do love having our old swimmers stay in touch. More than medals or championships, it lets me know we're doing something right, here in our little patch of Florida." - Michael Lohberg

Sponsors for the 2006 USMS Short Course National Championships hosted by the Coral Springs Swim Club

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Bruno Darzi, ASCA, Head Age Group Swimming Coach Birgit Lohberg, ASCA SwimAmerica Director, swimming coach Chris Jackson, ASCA swimming coach Dave Cowmeadow, ASCA swimming coach, masters swimming coach John Kjaerulff, ASCA Head Age Group Swimming Coach Laura Azevedo, ASCA swimming coach Matt Claudel, ASCA swimming coach Michael Lohberg, ASCA Head Coach and 6 time Olympic swimming coach Age Group swimming is geared toward training young swimmers to excel in competition through the development of excellent stroke technique. Masters Swimming is for adults who enjoy the benefits of swimming and, perhaps, still wish to compete. SwimAmerica is the learn-to-swim program of the American Swimming Coaches Association. Benefitting from Florida's wonderful climate, the Coral Springs Swim Club offers year-round training programs for swimmers. Currently, 8 different groups are defined from novice level to Olympian. On a regular basis talented swimmers from other countries come to Florida and Coral Springs for training with Coach lohberg and become members of CSSC. This team is composed of talented swimmers who train for twenty hours or so a week during the school year and double that during vacations and summers in order to pursue excellence. The Senior Groups are for the 'old timers.' Swimmers must be at least 13 years old! CSSC is located in Coral Springs, Florida, USA, near Fort Lauderdale and the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) as well as Miami and an easy day trip from the many attractions in the rest of souhern Florida. CSSC uses the state of the art aquatic training facilities provided by the Coral Springs Aquatic Complex, one of the finest swimming facilities in Florida.  These include an Olympic (long course, meter) pool and a second pool which is both short course, meter and short course, yard. Additionally, a complete gym as well as specialty swim training items, like Vasa machines and lactate testing, help make swimmers into champions. Competitive swimming is a family affair. CSSC hosts swimming meets so member families are our most important resorce. CSSC's Booster Club is tasked with organizing, staffing and operating our home swim meets. But, you don't need to be a member of the Booster Club to be a volunteer. As a CSSC swim parent, a whole new set questions will arise from the depths to nibble at your toes. How do I volunteer? Why do we host swim meets? How do I become an FGC Certified Official? Why didn't my child move up when all his friends did? Who enters my swimmer into meets? What's this escrow account? Why does my swimmer need one? My child needs more coaching. How does he get it? I tried to talk to the coach at practice; but, he ignored me. What gives? Becoming part of CCSC is simple: have an interest, do the paperwork, tryout, and finish the paperwork. Registering a swimmer means registering with and paying a fee to CSSC (annual registration fee), Coral Springs Aquatics Complex (quarterly or annual fee), Florida Gold Coast (fee paid by CSSC registration fee), and USA Swimming (annual fee). Swimming families pay several kinds of fees: swimming organization, coaching, facility, meet entry and gate.  As a new member you have some questions; maybe, we have the answers right here. How do I volunteer? What and when are tryouts? What do I have to do to receive a free trial week? What do I have to do to join CSSC? What are the fees for members of CSSC? What if I forget to pay my monthly coaching fees? Are any of the fees discounted ever? Does Coach Lohberg ever get thrown in the pool after CSSC wins a championship? CSSC performance information for the past four years, including records and current rankings,  is available at Hy-Tek's Team Manager Online site. These are CSSC's oustanding 10 and under swimmers. These are CSSC's oustanding 11 and 12 year old swimmers. These are CSSC's oustanding 13 and 14 year old swimmers. These are CSSC's oustanding 15 through 18 year old swimmers. These are CSSC's oustanding 19 and over swimmers. Brazilian national champion, international competitor Laura Azevedo Ten year US Open and National competitor, Harvey Beckwith Meghan Clabby, US National and NCAA Championship competitor Victoria Genova, Junior National Champion, US National and NCAA Championship competitor Olympian, Brazilian national champion, international championship competitor, Fabiola Molina Olympian and national champion, Laura Petrutyte Anne Poleska, Olympic bronze medalist, European champion, German national record holder and champion, collegiate All-American Vlad Polyakov, Olympic finalist, US national and NCAA champion, collegiate All-American Olympic finalist, national champion,  Rogerio Romero Fernando Scherer, Olympic silver medalist, world cup finalist, national champion Apostolis Tsagarakis, Olympian, Greek national champion, world championship qualifier, NCAA and US National competitor, collegiate ALL-American honorable mention Leila Vaziri, collegiate All-American, US National and NCAA competitor, Florida state champion Have a question about CSSC? If you have questions about CSSC, you may find the answers here. Here are two pages worth of handy information for the CSSC Swimming Family. This is a gallery of Photo's and PhotoShows from many CSSC meets and events like the Florida Gold Coast awards banquet. This is the place for the news CSSC related items we can't bear to part with. You may download the Booster Club board meeting minutes here. This is a page of links to organizations ans information useful to CSSC swimmers And their families. Why is this web site so slow? There's a mistake on...... Who do I tell? I have photo's from a CSSC meet/event. Can they be put on the site? How come my swimmer's picture isn't on his web page? One of the other parent's says this web site doesn't work. Why can't they get on the site even though it works fine for me? I sent an e-mail but no one ever got back to me. Who's in charge? I think that.......should be on the web site? Who do I talk to? How much do the Board Members get paid? How the meet entry process works is exlpained here. Here's an explanation of the volunteer sign up process. Here's an example of the volunteer sign up form and report. The CSSC meet information and results calendar is the central source for all information about swimming meets CSSC will competing in, local, regional, national and international. What's mew for CSSC swimmers, in Florida swimming and age group swimming as rhese pertain to CSSC? Announcements, advice on nutrition and other permanent notices are kept on the CSSC bulletin Board page.