Swimming With CSSC

Becoming part of CCSC is simple:

  • Decide you and your swimmer are interested
  • Complete the preregistration paperwork
  • Tryout
  • Complete the one week free trial without deciding to move on to something else
  • Finish registration

I know. It seems too simple. Don't worry. Figuring out the fee structure will keep you occupied during your swimmer's one week trial period.

In a hurry to be off? Print out the current CSSC Brochure.

You will know if your and your swimmer are interested because swimming will already be a part of your life. Swimmers are expected to know all four strokes and be able to swim 50y/m (yards or meters).

Granted it might take a special proud parent's or coach's eye to determine exactly what stroke the younger swimmer is actually doing.

What is important is that the swimmer should have the bare fundamentals of swimming to the point where he or she is safe in the water.

The Tryout
The tryout takes a few minutes and answers two questions:

  • Is the swimmer safe in the water?
  • Where would the swimmer best fit within the CSSC program?

The coach makes these determinations.

Very Important Your swimmer should be prepared to swim:

  • swimsuit (no swimsuit, no swimming)
  • towel
  • cap (optional)
  • goggles (optional, highly recommended)

The Preregistration Paperwork
Welcome to the dark side of swimming. Once the coach has determined which group would be right for your swimmer, he or she gets a one week free trial. To take advantage of the free trial, you must:

Now you're ready to enjoy the free trial week.

Note Your check will be held uncashed for one week. If you choose NOT to join CSSC, call the registrar or Coach Bruno Darzi at 954-340-5032 before the end of the trial week and she will destroy your check.

The Trial Week
The trial week is important. During that week you, your swimmer, the coaches and the team will become better acquainted.

If any adjustments are needed, such as moving your child to a different group, these will be made during this week.

Remember Call the registrar or Coach Bruno Darzi at 954-340-5032 before the end of the trial if you choose NOT to join CSSC and he will destroy your check. If you don't call, you will be making extra work for everyone, including yourself.

Finishing Up
Congratulations and Welcome! Now, get your pen and your checkbook. There are forms to fill and people to pay. Having chosen to join CSSC, you will need to pay your first month's Monthly Coaching Fees and purchase a Coral Springs Aquatics Complex Membership. You and your swimmer will also need to read, sign and turn in a Code of Conduct Form.

Coaching fees and the City of Coral Springs Aquatic Complex Membership are covered in detail in Fees.

See you at the pool.

Registering Your Swimmer

Sounds simple and it is. It's just that registering a swimmer means registering with and paying a fee to:

  • CSSC (annual registration fee)
  • Coral Springs Aquatics Complex (quarterly or annual fee)
  • Florida Gold Coast (fee paid by CSSC registration fee)
  • USA Swimming (annual fee)

None of these fees have anything to do with the monthly coaching fees. Paying these fees and registering with these organizations, entitles you to pay the monthly coaching fees and allows your swimmer to get into the pool to be coached.

First Time Registration
is a two step process covered in detail in Getting Started. The fees are the same for first timers and veterans. So, come on back when you are finished there.

Annual Registration
At the beginning of December every swimmer's family will receive a registration packet. It will include the same forms first timers have to fill out because we all have to fill them out again; and, yes, pay the annual fees again as well. After a couple years even the younger swimmers will be able to fill everything out from repetition.

These documents must be filled out, returned to to the CSSC Registrar and the appropriate fees paid; or, your swimmer will not be able to attend practice. There's an obvious reason for this ("No Ticket, No Entrance"), but, there's another, not so obvious reason. A Portion of the various fees fund casualty insurance. Signing the documents and paying the fees means that you have expressly agreed to abide by the covenants of that insurance, and that you and your swimmer will behave in a safe and responsible manner at practice and at swim meets. We live in a litigious age. Without proper insurance and proper behavior there would be no organized swimming

The documents that are part of the current annual registration packet can be found here.(put link in when it exists)

Fee And Other Costs


Swimming families pay several kinds of fees:

Swimming Organization
Annual dues for memberships in the several organizations which are part of the hierarchy tasked with overseeing competitive swimming from the local pool to the Olympics.
Payment to the coaching staff for their time, patience and expertise. CSSC's coaching fees are due monthly.
Payment for a place to practice and other physical plant based services. CSSC families pay the Aquatic Complex of Coral Springs memberships fees which are due either quarterly or annually, depending on the contract the family chooses. City of Coral Springs Aquatic Complex memberships are for the use of the various complex facilities and are entirely independent of the Swim Club.
Meet Entry
Fees for swimming in sanctioned meets. Also, fines for violating the entry rules at sanctioned meets.
If you want to see your swimmer perform, your going to have to buy a ticket... unless you.... volunteer! Also, there are t-shirts, and heat sheets, souvenirs and refreshments to buy, of course.

The current fees in detail.

Other Costs

It's not auto racing but age group swimming has its share of operating costs:

You will be amazed.
Training Equipment
Goggles, towels, sandals, flippers. warm up suits (yes, even in SO FLA), and parkas. Older swimmers will want their own training equipment, such as hand paddles, kick boards, in and out of water resistance equipment, flippers of various lengths for different kicking drills, counters and stop watches.
Travel and Lodging
Away meets are sometimes very far away. Even our youngest swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in places like Key West or Largo (not the Key) or even Baton Rouge.
CSSC Social Events
The annual awards banquet, pre-meet pasta suppers, Halloween parties, etc. All have modest costs attached.
Fund Raisers
Band candy isn't just for the band.